Visiting Finnair Flight Academy

Xamk’s simulation pedagogy experts and instructors visited at Finnair Flight Academy in Vantaa today, hosted by Mr Arto Helovuo, Finnair’s Head of Training. Patrik Nyström from Safetyfactors represented as a specialist in healthcare simulation pedagogy in the study visit.

During the day, we got familiarisation with the objectives and implementation of Finnair’s student and instructor training by means of simulation pedagogy and methodology. We compared aviation simulator operations to medical, first aid and maritime simulation training, searching and finding the best practices and new thoughts for simulator training implementation at Xamk. Team had lots of discussion and peer reviewing of Crew Resource Management (CRM) in aviation, medical and maritime industries, the way of thinking Safety II approach, human factors and the learning process with simulation model in different sectors.

After the introduction of Finnair’s training program and material, we had a briefing in the group and tasks were given for different exercises. Thru these instructions, we performed various tasks given with the Airbus A350-900 simulator model in different weather conditions. Instructor Arto Helovuo gave feedback on completing the missions on the debriefing event. We understood after debriefing situation, that our team had performed those tasks with very good grades, almost as commercial pilots perform those.


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